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High-power dual triode "ECC99"

All-new driver unit with "ECC99" high-power dual triode on board - designed for best dynamism and vividness of sound. An all-new driver unit has been launched to enjoy STAX ear speakers with the best sound. The excellent performance of the unit opens up a new dimension of music reproduction full of emotion. The output stage of the unit has adopted a high-power dual triode "ECC99" from Slovakia JJ Electronic that draws a lot of attention through its high-grade vacuum tube technology and manufacturing. The overwhelming dynamism and freshness of its dazzlingly vivid sound enhance further the attraction of ear speaker listening pleasure.

The newest hybrid type driver unit with FET input and dual triode output, adopting pure class-A balanced amplification circuit.Output stage employing "ECC99" high-power dual triode.

The vacuum tube from JJ Electronic, one of the best and most-advanced devices available today, is manufactured with the assembly accuracy of +-0.02mm or less and up to 5,000 hours of lifetime test. Especially, the "ECC99" is a high-power dual triode developed for the driver stage of a power amplifier as well as for the output stage of a preamplifier, and in this new driver unit the tube is used for the output stage featuring a pure class-A, balanced amplification circuit. Taking advantage of a dual triode enclosing two triodes inside, the HOT and COLD signals can be amplified and output through each triode. With its high linearity and ample power bandwidth, the unit faithfully reproduces music signals that change dynamically.

Input stage with pair-matched low noise FET

Low-noise, high-impedance discrete FETs have been employed for the input stage. While the devices are strictly selected by STAX original way so that the HOT and COLD parts of balanced signals are amplified in a mirror image, they are used in a pair-matched hybrid configuration also taking the heat balance into consideration. This enables the XLR balanced input to perform a purely balanced transmission and amplification straight from input to output. Moreover, also the RCA input keeps its sound purity in such ways that the GND side is simply connected to the COLD side without using an inverting amplifier, and a high-quality audio-grade relay serves as the three-line input selector.

Power supply with large-sized power transformer and low ripple circuit.

The power supply section supporting the pure balanced transmission/amplification circuit has adopted a large-sized power transformer with the biggest capacity among STAX driver units to secure an adequately wide dynamic range as well as the stable operation even when mains voltage fluctuates.
Simultaneously, low-noise, low-loss shot key barrier diodes as well as capacitors with large capacitance are incorporated in the rectification circuit to drastically eliminate ripples distorting sound. Moreover, the heater power supply circuit for the "ECC99" high-power dual triode features a right-and-left channel independent construction to greatly improves both the S/N ratio and the channel separation.

Strictly selected components such as high sound-quality 4-gang volume controller.

The high sound quality 4-gang volume controller with double-axis structure ideally adjusts the input level of HOT and COLD signal on both right and left channels. Furthermore, non-magnetic audio-grade carbon film resistors are used for the load resistance. In addition, while looking over the circuit constant again, the unit is further brushed up in details employing, for example, a sophisticated black aluminum front panel with hairline finish.

3 pairs of input terminals - one for XLR and two for RCA

One stereo XLR input is equipped to connect directly to the XLR balanced output of a high-class CD/SACD player. Also, two pairs of RCA inputs enable the unit to switch between connected source equipments. Besides, one of the two RCA inputs has a bypassing output that, for example, can be connected to your integrated amplifier for flexible system-up.

1.Vacuum tube: ECC 99 x 2
2.Frequency response: DC - 84kHz +0, -3dB
3.Rated input level: 200mV (at 100V output)
4.Gain: 54dB (x 500)
5.Harmonic distortion: 0.01% or less (at 100Vrms/1kHz output)
6.Input impedance: 50ko (RCA input), 100ko (XLR input)
7.Input terminal: two RCA (one with bypassing output), one XLR connector
8.Maximum output voltage: 340Vrms (1kHz)
9.Bias voltage: DC580V x 2 (PRO bias)
10.Mains voltage: AC117V, 220V, 230V, 240V, 50/60Hz (Adjusted for your area depending on your countries included)
11.powre consumption:52W
12.weight: 4.6kg

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